You Too Can Launch a Profitable Online Business Today

Would you believe it’s possible to build your online business in just a few hours each week―even if you're working a full-time job?

  • You know an online business would provide the freedom and flexibility you need...
  • But with a busy life of work and family―you barely have enough time left to sleep!
  • The truth is, you are already maxed out... How do you even take that first step?

Hi there, my name is John Meese. I built an online business from scratch while working a full-time job at Chick-fil-A, and today I teach new entrepreneurs how to do the same thing (minus the chicken).

The Hard Way to Build Your Business Online

By this point, I’m sure you’ve seen enough success stories to know that it is possible to make money online without acting like a sleezeball―but where do you even begin?

There are now literally thousands of blog posts, case studies, and coaching programs designed to help you build an online business.

The only problem is… you’re already maxed out!

You don’t have time to spend years squeezing every spare second out of each day while you crawl your way closer to online business success.

You are already over-committed at work. Your family needs more of your attention―not less!

At some point you chose to believe that it is possible to build a business around a message you care about and take care of your loved ones, all while spending more quality time with them (as your own boss).

But yet… that dream seems so far off.

How can you take time away from your current commitments to work towards a future that seems so far away?

Newly Married, Broke, and a Baby on the Way

When my wife and I found out we were pregnant, I was only making $25,000 a year from my full-time job!

The Simple System That Changed Everything (Once I Found It―Hidden In Plain Sight)

When my wife and I got married, we were both working full-time―so we were able to pay the bills.

But we wanted a family, and it didn't take long for us to get pregnant with our first child... ​

So I went to work!

I would wake up early or stay up late (sometimes both) to work on my blog, and over the next two years I had a near-obsessive focus on our financial freedom goals.

  • I spent hours pouring over every case study & income report I could find,

  • I subscribed to every podcast that even mentioned online business,

  • I spent hundreds of dollars on online courses and training, and

  • Eventually spent $2,000 on a single in-person workshop that lasted two days.

Here’s what revenue looked like for those two years:

I was feeling tired, lost, and seriously considered throwing in the towel... but then I noticed a pattern.

Every online entrepreneur I admired (including Michael Hyatt, Pat Flynn, and Bryan Harris, among others) had followed the exact same process for building a profitable online business from their blog.

I didn't have a name for this process at the time, but the pattern was suddenly crystal clear:

The Project LAUNCH Cycle

  1. Clarify Your Niche
  2. Build Your Audience
  3. Launch Your Product
  4. Return to Step #1​

As soon as I discovered this pattern (what I now call the Project LAUNCH Cycle), I committed to growth with a newfound focus and saw near-immediate success.

This graph features real, attainable numbers. I'll make more income this quarter than all of 2014 combined.

Two Years Later, This System Still Works

​My first product launch made just over $10,000 from a “tiny” email list of 250 email subscribers.

​Since then, my business has generated nearly $100,000―$37,968.51 of which I earned before quitting my job.

​How cool is that? You just got the Project LAUNCH Cycle crash course.

You could take this new knowledge and run with it on your own, just like I did...

But I know you would be more successful with guidance, support, & accountability along the way.

That's why I created Project LAUNCH Bootcamp.

What Does Success Look Like For You?

  • Teach What You Love
    You have an important message to share, that the world needs to hear. Imagine getting paid to share what you are most passionate about―work you love doing every day.
  • Work When You Want
    Every season of life comes with a different set of demands. Your work should adapt to fit your life―not the other way around. Work where you want, when you want.
  • Make Money Online
    You don't have to be a scam artist or sleezeball to make a living from the internet. There are, in fact, seven ethical ways to make money online by actually helping your audience.

The Online Training Program
I Wish I Had Four Years Ago

Project LAUNCH Bootcamp is an online training program designed to walk you through every step of launching your blog-based online business.

This includes video training on all three stages of the Project LAUNCH Cycle, including clarifying your niche (or target market), building an online audience, and launching your first (and subsequent) products.

Of course, there's a lot more to online business than I could ever teach you alone... which is why I've invited two friends and long-time entrepreneurs to join me in teaching this course.

These Two Entrepreneurs Bring an
Extra Decade of Online Business Experience

Wes Wages is a professional filmmaker, with years of experience creating video content for online entrepreneurs such as Jeff Goins, Bryan Harris, and Marie Forleo (among others).

Today, Wes films online course material at his professional studio in Florence, Alabama and teaches people how to do the same at home.

Click here to learn more about Wes Wages

Craig Jarrow operates Time Management Ninja, one of the most popular (and longest running) productivity blogs on the web.

Craig has published more than 1,000 blog posts over the last seven years, and his blog attracts more than 1 million readers―annually.

Click here to learn more about Craig Jarrow

By this point, I'm sure you want to know what all this includes...

Project LAUNCH Bootcamp

  1. High Quality Video Training: This is not your run-of-the mill course content―all three of us traveled to Atlanta, GA to film HD video material.
  2. BONUS: Project LAUNCH Challenge. Easy access to 30 days worth of daily assignments to take you from hobby blog to online business.
  3. BONUS: Coaching with Me (1-on-1). When you join Project LAUNCH Bootcamp, you will get one 30-minute coaching session, recorded and free of charge.
  4. BONUS: Unleash Your Blog Community. Currently this is the only way to get access to my private community, and you get lifetime access for FREE!

Join Project LAUNCH Bootcamp Today

​Honestly? I am 100% certain that some people would pay $500 to $1000 for this course and still walk away satisfied that they got a good deal.

But I know many people can't afford that price when you're just starting out...

I am more interested in your success than lining my pockets with cash.

John Meese
Full-time Blogger &
Online Entrepreneur

The Guy Behind Project LAUNCH

I built my online business from scratch while working a full-time job for a campus ministry and then for Chick-fil-A (high end fast food).

Once I was able to match my full-time income from working on my business a few hours a week, I went full pro and quit my day job.

I now work out of my own office downtown in Columbia, TN where I live with my wife and infant son―with another kid on the way!​

​Click here to learn more about me

Important Topics This Course Covers Inside

  • How do I turn my passion into a business?
  • How do I position myself as an expert?
  • How do I launch my online presence?
  • How do I find my audience?
  • What content should I create?
  • How do I grow my tribe?
  • How do I ethically make money online?
  • What should my first product be?
  • How do I sell my products and services?
  • ... and many more!
100% Money-Back Project LAUNCH Lifetime Guarantee

With Project LAUNCH Bootcamp you will feel confident knowing that you finally have a plan for starting a profitable online business centered around teaching what you love and working when you want.

​If at any point you feel that this online training program has not provided the clarity that you need to get started, please let me know!

Simply email to get help or request a full refund.

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